U.S. Patents


1 8,386,761 System for registering and initiating pre-boot environment for enabling partitions
2 8,234,629 Ready-to-use media center systems through custom preconfiguration
3 8,373,383 Smart cart to automatically manage portable information handling systems
4 8,224,712 Point of sale personalization of an information handling system
5 8,090,937 System and method for managing booting of an information handling system
6 7,996,868 System and method of accessing digital video broadcasts within an information handling system
7 7,996,778 Central internet browser control for multiple browsers enabled system
8 7,885,060 Auxiliary display systems and methods
9 7,805,598 Auto-detecting and auto-correcting system state changes before booting into operating systems
10 7,805,516 Enabling throttling of resources on a virtualization enabled information handling system
11 7,765,394 System and method for restoring a master boot record in association with accessing a hidden partition
12 7,721,078 Method and system to dynamically boot to a non-visible partition
13 7,706,750 Enabling bluetooth support within a secondary and/or across multiple operating system partitions
14 7,694,124 System for registering and initiating pre-boot environment for enabling partitions
15 7,685,398 Intelligent system for determination of optimal partition size in a build to order environment
16 7,617,214 Porting security application preferences from one system to another
17 7,603,338 Enabling instant productivity functionality on information handling systems




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